Keira Bell Celebrates National Detransition Day March 12th

Releases a new document to assist Detransitioners 


United Kingdom News:  Keira Bell Case Hands Down Historic Protections for "Transgender"
identifying children. New U.K. based provider training offered here due to this important ruling.

Childhood Gender Dysphoria and the Law by John Whitehall, a pediatrician in
Australia, has been writing on the subject.  We encourage parents to think critically about who and
where your child goes for treatment and avoid those that use the "informed consent model" or
"affirmation only" models.  Ask your own pediatrician why they have not spoken out against. 
Encourage them to contact us.  A great new international resource,, explains one
important concept of conversion therapy confusion that is confusing the public. The article concluded
that therapies that did not "affirm" an individual's transgender identity (which the article refers to as "gender-identity conversion efforts / "GICE") lead to severe distress and even suicide attempts. These findings have been used to promote legislative bans on non-affirmative therapies worldwide.  This is false and explained at length here.


How did we get here?  Let’s start with who is funding this medical catastrophe.  Jennifer Bilek has done extensive research on this.  We encourage every parent to read this thoroughly.  Ask your child, why would we pay thousands of dollars for you to undergo treatments to be “your true self” when you can do something else – like go outside and play, learn a craft, or take up an activity that helps you with self-esteem?  Information on the money behind this movement can be found here and here.

The David Reimer Story, 38; After Botched Surgery, He Was Raised as a Girl in Gender Experiment, Commits Suicide

Marketing to teenagers is fueled by the internet.  For example, “TicToc” features this surgeon marketing bilateral mastectomies to teenage girls.  You can also buy a psychologist letter for $150 to receive your desired to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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