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April News: Breaking from the U.K.  Listen and watch the end of transition of children, support for those harmed: Here 

Why did adult gender clinics withhold data from the Cass Review? Discussion

Listen to Dr. Cass Podcast here.

4/30/24 Wisconsin Event with Partners for Ethical Care: "The Next Chapter:  A Panel Discussion of Detransitioners Featuring:  Chloe Cole, Laura Becker, Abel Garcia, Luka Hein & Ohio's Morgan Keller" Missed it?  Watch here


Mayo Clinic finds puberty blockers are not a "pause button" and are not reversible threaten sterility of male children: Here

UK News: The Final Cass Review and the NHS England Response

Key take-aways from the single most notable event in the history of youth gender medicine of the last decade.  Here

WPATH File Leak:  Ohio Gender Clinic Doctors Featured:  Click here 

Gender Dysphoria and Anorexia in Adolescent Females "Significant parallels between gender dysphoria and anorexia in teen girls calls for a nuanced and developmentally-informed approach" Click here


OCTOBER 2023, NEW YORK, NY  Missed it?  Watch here


Suicide Mortality Among Gender-Dysphoric Adolescents and Young Adults in Finland  "The finding of low suicide rates and no evidence of benefits of gender reassignment continues to challenge the practice of youth transitions" Click Here




The Transgender Protocol (2023) Dutch With English Subs Documentary

American Academy of Pediatrics stands by the outdated the now discarded Dutch Protocol which ignores late onset gender dysphoria new cohort of minors, outlines detransitioner footage."

"Worth watching! Includes rare coverage of trans regret from a mainstream channel, and also an interview with Hannah Barnes. Pro-Trans Doctors are given enough rope to hang themselves."  Parental Discretion Advised.

Gender Wider Lens:  No Time To Think with Hannah Barnes, The Downfall of GIDS at the Tavistock Episode 104

Trans Regret (2023) Swedish doc all 3 parts with English Subs Documentary


What is Biological Integrity? New Website from Biological

The pullback from youth gender transition has begun by Eliza Mondegreen:

  • Whistleblower files assist in the closing of Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital announcing that doctors there will no longer prescribe puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones to children and adolescents.

Questionable Medicine:  Concerns about the 2018 AAP Policy Statement on Gender-Affirmative Care:  Here

2023 "I transitioned my child, I regret it" HERE

2023 I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle.  Jamie Reed Speaks Out: 

"There are more than 100 pediatric gender clinics across the U.S. I worked at one. What’s happening to children is morally and medically appalling." HERE

2023 SEGM's Critical Appraisal of “Long-Term Regret and Satisfaction With Decision Following Gender-Affirming Mastectomy”

2022  Clinical Damage:  The Tavistock Clinic’s closure follows a damning report on ideological malpractice: Here

Note:  A printout is available to give to your local doctor, school board, and state legislators.

Genspect Creates Resources for Psychologists, Schools, & Online Therapy for Parents:  Here

"Gender-Affirming Care and Young People" contains a number of errors and misrepresentations Here:

A new study lends credibility to concerns that early social gender transition can lead to persistence of pediatric gender dysphoria:  Here

ReThink Identity Medicine Ethics Provides Resource:  The Facts About "Gender Affirming Care" (ReIME): Here

Related to Ohio's Pending 2023 SAFE ACT:

1.  SEGM (Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine) Reports the end of child gender transition in France and Finland End  Read Here - Add Denmark to that list.

2. SEGM Spotlight:  Accurate transition regret and detransition rates are unknown -Widespread methodological problems          limit the reliability of “low transition regret” claims as Detrans Reddit climbs to 51,000 youth.

3.  A recent systematic review of puberty blockers exemplifies problems in gender medicine research: Here

4.​ TMI: Genderqueer 11-year-olds can’t handle too much info about sterilizing treatments–but do get on with those treatments

5.  Read Klein_Amicus Lupron Victims Brief Here (note, Lupron is not approved for transitioning children)

6.  September, 2021 BREAKING - Detransitioned woman, Sinead Watson sends letter to HARVARD regarding the bullying

      tactics of TURBAN against detransitioned individuals: Here

7.  What happens after child transition? Ms. Bell tells her story Here:

8.  Children Should Be Protected from Childhood Transition:  Here

9.  2021 Transgender Trend on Brain Development Here

10. Political slogans or clinical evidence? Ohio's Hospital Associations should demand better care and cut ties with activist

       organizations, listen to detransitioners, expert physicians and parent testimonies in support of the SAFE ACT.

       Review the full Cass Review Here & Read the discussion here: Stonewall or Cass?


Note, Ohio has a minimum of 6 gender clinics tucked into the once trusted Children's Hospitals and are aggressively transitioning children, including unnecessary surgical interventions such as bilateral mastectomies, hysterectomies, and penectomies.

Cincinnati Children's Trans Clinic Director Testifies Against Parents, Parents Lose

Custody of Children at Risk as Gender Clinics Turn Against Parents

Helpful Links:

(PITT) Parents Share Stories and Speak Out Here

Partners for Ethical Care Videos/Resources: Here

Advocates Protecting Children/Resources: Here

Testosterone Pain and Risk Discussion: Here


Child Detransitioner Chloe Cole Announces Intent To Sue Kaiser Permanente For ‘Experimental’ Hormones And Surgery

Prisha Mosley Sues doctor for putting her on testosterone at 17.

United Kingdom News:  Keira Bell Case Hands Down Historic Protections for "Transgender"
identifying children. New U.K. based provider training offered here due to this important ruling.

Childhood Gender Dysphoria and the Law by John Whitehall, a pediatrician in
Australia, has been writing on the subject.  We encourage parents to think critically about who and
where your child goes for treatment and avoid those that use the "informed consent model" or
"affirmation only" models. 

The Society for Evidence Based Medicine, A Trusted Resource:  Follow SEGM here:
SEGM has debunked flawed studies and research that has led the medical scandal of child gender transition. If you are a physician concerned about this issue, contact SEGM for assistance. 

A cautionary tale of the Father of Gender Ideology, Harry Benjamin: Video: Miriam Grossman Explains


The David Reimer Story, 38; After Botched Surgery, He Was Raised as a Girl in Gender Experiment, Commits Suicide


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