Cardinal Support Network offers a variety of informal support services for parents and detransitioners. 
We can point you toward professional resources or provide emotional and informational support,
depending on your needs.

Parent-to-Parent Mentoring

Sometimes, you feel like you are all alone struggling with your feelings and you just need to speak with someone else who shares your experiencewho can provide you with a sounding board, a shoulder to cry on, or a bit of advice based on their own experience.

Fill out the Parent Survey to be connected with one of our supportive parents.

Detransitioning Services

If you have been through transition and have decided, for whatever reason, that your best option is to accept your birth sex and get on with living, you may still need some assistance either medically, legally, or psychologically.  We can point you to resources and professionals who can provide you guidance and care.

Complete the Detransitioner Survey (coming soon) and someone will contact you about what help you are hoping to receive.

Therapy Session

Confidential Referral Services

The hardest part of this situation can be finding a therapist who will not automatically affirm an alternate identity, but will be willing to explore a wide-variety of potential mental and developmental issues which may be at play.  

Complete the parent survey and someone will contact you.  In the meantime, please explore our variety of resources to get you started on the path that could work best for you and your child.